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I’d like to provide you stress relief tips to help you alleviate any of the mental or physical symptoms you’re experiencing.

The most important thing you want to focus on at first is the simple act of relaxing.

First of all, you deserve it. Second, it’s the only way to feel relief.

Guess what? It requires less time to relax than you think! I know you live a busy life balancing family and/or work.

You don’t always need to find the time for a spa treatment or massage.

Below are specific stress relief tips you can adopt into your life. These ideas are simple ways to help you get started. When you’re ready for more specific solutions, I invite you to visit my stress reduction techniques section or look at my book

Effective Stress Relief Tips

Shift Into the Present Moment

Stress is often caused by a mental focus on the troubles of “yesteryear” or your perceived pitfalls that may happen in the future.

Take a 5 minute break and focus on this very moment in time.  Close your eyes and sit up straight. Remind yourself that at this moment you’re all right.

The conscious thought that you’re in no physical danger “right now” can be incredibly settling. Yes, there are still issues to handle. There will always be issues and challenges you must meet. That’s called living!

But, right NOW you’re OK. As you think these thoughts focus on your breathing. Move from shallow breathing to deeper breathing. Slow your breathing rate down as you focus on the moment you’re living “now”.

Did your life or business challenges magically disappear? Of course not. But you melted them away from your conscious mind. You should feel a softening inside and gain the ability to make better decisions about how to move forward from here.

Click here to learn more about the benefits of deep breathing.

Get Used to Feeling Relaxed

I consider the above exercise of simply shifting your conscious mind into the present to be critical to your ability to stress less.

Bear with me here…

Is it possible you’ve forgotten what the state of relaxation feels like? Have you become so used to living inside a state of stress that you’ve come to believe it’s “normal”?

I want you to start recognizing just how stressed out you are. Assess yourself late at night. Assess how you feel when simply eating dinner with your family or “relaxing” with a good movie.

Are you truly relaxed during these times or is your body still stressed? Are your muscles tightened? Is your heart racing? Are your hands clenched or stomach tight?

As you practice the “art” of sitting still and focusing on the present moment begin to relax your physical signs of stress as your mind relaxes. Unclench your hands. Release the tension in your stomach.

It might be helpful to think back to a time when you were younger. A time when you hadn’t yet taken on the weight of the world. Can you remember feeling carefree and stress free?

The first step to eliminating stress is to remember what feeling absolutely relaxed feels like.

Reach Out and Socialize

Socializing is a very important and effective way by which you can release stress from your body and mind.

Make a point to talk with others either physically or on the phone. Share your day-to-day activities. Share what’s going on in your life.

This can help you gain a fresh perspective. It can help you stay strongly connected to one or more important people in your life.

It’s possible that you’ve disconnected from others the more your life responsibilities have piled up. It’s possible the stress of your career or business has become the dominating force in your life. This consuming nature is a powerful instigator for stress.

Move, Laugh & Listen!

Any activity that makes you physically move from one place to another is useful in reducing stress.

Activities like running, walking or yoga help to bring you into a state of relaxation. They release the body’s natural chemicals that help you feel good and give you a new “power” to deal with high amounts of stress.

Going for a quick walk/run around your neighborhood or climbing the stairs are always helpful in giving you a natural “high” and keeping you in good spirits.

Mix in laughter. Have you’ve allowed yourself to laugh lately? Remember how much you laughed as a child?

If you must, force yourself to laugh at first. Do it! You’ll feel silly at first, which leads to more laughter. Now laugh deeply. Bring Santa Clause to mind and move that belly!

Guess what’s happening? Your body’s cortisol levels are now lessening. The endorphins in your brain are released. This combination of feeling silly and adjusting your hormones in the right direction results in lightening your mood.

Finally, add in a favorite song. Music is helpful for moving from stress to relaxation. Whether it’s singing loudly to a song you love or listening to the sounds of nature (simply enter “sounds of nature” into YouTube), pay attention to your stress levels.

Combine a brisk walk, a great song and laughter and you’re on your way to feeling better.

I encourage you to follow these stress relief tips. They work!

If you’re ready to move more deeply into the underlying causes of stress and learning specific stress relief tips that create a lasting solution in your life, I encourage you to click below for a preview of my book, Stress Less: Transforming Stress to Success

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