Stress Free Living - Is it Possible?

Stress free living…Doesn’t that sound fantastic?

You might be wondering if it’s possible to live a life free from the frustration, anger, fear and physical pain brought on by life’s stressors.

businesswoman working in a relaxed state

I say it’s not only possible but I’m ready to teach you exactly how to do it. The following information is a small fraction of what I teach in my book, Stress Less: Transforming Stress to Success.

Read what I have to say about living stress free below. See if it resonates with you and where you want your life to go.

If so, I encourage you to read my book so I can provide you a systemized approach to eliminating stress...a formula I call ERASE.

ERASE Formula

What is Stress Free Living?

Does living life free from stress mean we never encounter challenges again? Does it mean family or business issues never throw us curveballs that have the opportunity to drain us mentally, spiritually, physically or emotionally?

Not at all! One of the non-negotiable aspects to living in our world is that roadblocks to our goals, happiness and well-being will always be put it the way.

Living without stress means you’ve learned how to identify what causes you anguish. It means you learn and implement thinking patterns and tools that help you deal with those issues from the right perspective.

3 Quick Tips for Living Stress Free

Over commitment is an energy draining process. I encourage you to take a serious look at what you allow to pile up in terms of responsibility.

Whether it’s family or work you must learn how much you can deal with at any one point in time. If you have a tendency to say “yes” too often it’s time to change that habit. It causes stress and also makes it easy for each commitment to lack your best effort.

Overanalyzing the past and/or worrying about the future must stop.

Please understand that the only true thing any of us have control over is the present moment. You can’t undo the past and you can’t possibly control all the factors leading you into the future.

I encourage you to use techniques such as massage, deep breathing and other relaxation methods that tune you back into your most treasured possession: NOW.

Negative self-talk is a tried and true stressor. Take stock of how you talk to yourself.

Moving Toward Stress Free Living

I go into much more detail about the three above concepts in my book. I also delve into why America is so stressed out, the 7 Sinful Stressors, how your environment affects your stress levels, and so much more.

Ultimately I teach you my ERASE formula for eliminating stress once and for all from your life.

I invite you to pick up my book, Stress Less: Transforming Stress to Success. I invite you to enter a world of relaxation and the ability to handle all of life’s pressure with grace.

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