Benefits of Deep Breathing for
Stress Relief

Dealing with stress? Like to know the benefits of deep breathing?

You should know that there are many ways to fight stress. I believe in natural ways to help bring you into a state of calm and that’s why I like using deep breathing.

Energy and Better Digestion

woman meditating and deep breathing

Shallow breathing limits your body from receiving enough oxygen.

Without oxygen, your muscles shrink and this causes you stress.

Whenever you’re stressed your body’s sympathetic nervous system is incited and cortisol and adrenaline are released.

To neutralize this, the parasympathetic nervous system, a system that offers your body the chance to heal and regenerate, is employed.

Deep breathing is the fastest means recognized to facilitate communication between these two systems.

Activating this process ensures your body is free from poor digestion and constipation problems. The result you feel is less stress and more energy.

Becoming Calm

Increasing oxygen to your brain also helps bring a feeling of calmness.

It reduces the level of stress hormones in your blood which in turn lowers your blood pressure and your heart rate.

Deep breathing will also increase your overall clarity and help boost confidence to handle problems. This combination helps you take on life's challenges in a state of calm instead of a state of stress.

Reducing Your Body’s Acidity Level

An increase in acidity levels is known to cause stress. It’s also well known that various diseases thrive in acidic bodies.

Deep breathing is a great approach to lowering your body’s acidity level and making it more alkaline. As more oxygen reaches your  bloodstream you’ll experience the added benefit of an improved immune system.

Organ Massage

Is it important to massage your organs? It sure is! The process helps improve circulation.

During your deep breathing exercises your heart is massaged as the diaphragm moves upward. When it contracts you’ll then massage the liver, pancreas, small intestine and stomach.

Stronger Heart

I mentioned your heart above. The benefits of deep breathing include not only massaging your heart but also in making it more efficient.

The increase in lung efficiency brought forth by deeper breathing helps ensure that your heart doesn’t need to work as hard when delivering oxygen to the tissues. As well, the increase in circulation brought on by the entire breathing process helps reduce the strain on your heart.

Regulating Your Weight

When we’re stressed our bodies have a tendency to burn glycogen instead of fat.

Deep breathing itself won’t solve your weight issues but taking deep breaths inspires the body to burn fat instead of oxygen. On the other hand, if you’re underweight the increase in oxygen levels helps feed your glands and tissues.

Detoxifying Your Body

Did you know that 70% of all toxins in the body are released through the process of breathing?

Stress is placed on your body’s systems when improper breathing prevents the elimination of toxins. Over time this can lead to disease and illness.

Before moving into additional benefits of deep breathing now is a great time to give you one effective exercise:

Inhale slowly through your nose in such a way that you feel the breath reaching your abdomen and then let it work its way to your chest.

Now hold it in and count to three. As you do, focus on recognizing the healing energy as your cells are filled with oxygen. As you exhale from your mouth slowly, focus your attention on how your cells are being released of old energy, toxins and waste.

Pain Relief

This may seem odd but the benefits of deep breathing help reduce pain.

Pain creates stress mentally and physically. When in pain it’s common for us to breath in a shallow manner or to even hold our breath in completely.

There’s great benefit to breathing deeply as you focus on your pain. This process can actually help relieve your pain.

How would you like more help in using deep breathing techniques to not only help with the above areas but also specifically move you into a stress free life?

I invite you to read my book, Stress Less: Transforming Stress Into Success. It allows me to provide you my full solution to stress. I call it the ERASE formula and it will teach you everything you need to know about eliminating stress from your life.

ERASE Formula
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