Natural Remedies for Stress to Help Alleviate the Pressure

Learning about natural remedies for stress will do wonders for your life.

It gets tough when life becomes fast and stress-ridden, doesn’t it? It can feel hard to simply breathe. Responsibilities have piled up and you’re feeling the strain.

If you don’t alleviate the pressure stress applies to your mind and body you’re leaving yourself open to further danger. This danger can manifest in ways that create insecurity, fear, respiratory issues, cardiovascular problems, immune system distress and much more.

Essential Oils

Copaiba essential oil

I consider essential oils to be the #1 natural remedy to combat stress. Oils such as lavender are adaptogens, and therefore can support the body to adapt to stress or imbalances.

They can be used in a variety of ways from diffusing to inhaling; from topical use to internal use (certain oils only).

You can use a diffuser to release their healing qualities in your home, business or even kennel or barn.

Essential oils are a fantastic addition to massage therapy and you can even use them with your personal meditation sessions.

Since essential oils reach your emotional center easily they help combat the emotions you feel when experiencing stress, such as fear or anger.

It’s important to use pure, therapeutic grade oils so be sure to read my page dedicated to using essential oils for stress.


Music is a highly effective way to release stress. Many studies over the years have pointed to classical music as one of the best ways to relax.

When you’re at your limit, try listening to Baroque classical music from composers like Beethoven or Bach.

Classical music has the ability to connect the right and left sides of your brain. This process helps bring you from a state of stress and chaos into a more calm, centered state.

This isn’t to say that modern rock music isn’t effective either. Music has the ability to bring you back to fun, exciting times. Any music that moves you and emotionally brings you back into joy and happiness is effective for stress reduction.

Learn more about music therapy's benefits for stress relief.

Herbs as Natural Remedies for Stress

There are many herbs you can use to help alleviate stress. For example, eleuthero, rhodiola, ginseng, shizandra and ashwagandha are effective.

They’re known as adaptogens, meaning they work to help the body and specifically the adrenal system to adapt to stress. Your adrenal system helps manage how your body responds to stressful stimuli.

It’s hard to argue with natural remedies for stress that have lasted since the time of the ancient Greeks. One such option is chamomile tea. Drink up to 3 cups of chamomile tea each day to help alleviate stress. Or use Roman Chamomile Essential Oil.

Herbs like valerian or lavender are soothing when you add them to your warm bath. You can place them in a cloth and hold them under your faucet as you fill your bath. Or, even better, use lavender and valerian essential oil and add a few drops to epsom salts and place in your bath!

Change Your Self-Talk

Your mind is incredibly powerful. I’ve identified negative self-talk as a major factor when it comes to creating stress in your life.

Is your mind constantly chattering and telling you you’re not good enough, you don’t have enough time in a day, you’re not thin enough or any variety of other negative thoughts?

This type of thinking causes immense mental and emotional stress. The worse part is you’re causing this on your own. Add in other outside factors like family or work and it all adds up to the perfect storm of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual stress.

The first step to changing from negative to positive self-talk is awareness. Make it a new habit to simply stop every time you hear a negative thought in your head. Make an effort to change it into a positive thought.

Over time you’ll notice a reduction in your stress levels as your self-talk begins promoting positive growth in your life. 

I encourage you to begin using one or more of the above natural remedies for stress. Take charge of the happiness and joy you experience in your life.

If you’d like to learn more about eliminating stress and gaining access to my entire ERASE formula, I invite you to read my book, Stress Less: Transforming Stress to Success.  

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