Stress Relief Massage - Use it to Stress Less

Can a stress relief massage truly help ease your current mental, physical, emotional and spiritual blocks?

The answer is “yes”. The American Massage Therapy Association reveals that massage is effective for helping a variety of stress related conditions. 

When you consider that 44% of people living in America feel more stressed today than they did 5 years ago, you realize how important it is to find a personal solution.

Massage for Stress Relief

woman enjoying massage

Massage isn’t only for pleasure.

Stress relief is a fantastic benefit of massage.

A full body massage helps you shift your focus from the worries of your everyday life to mind/body relaxation.

Physically, it helps reduce the chemicals stressful situations release into your body. 

Mentally, emotionally and spiritually massage helps bring you back into a state of calm, relaxation and “oneness”.

How Stress Relief Massage Works

When you’re under stress your body increases the amount of cortisol produced. Normal quantities are healthy but the increased levels trigger muscular tension, a quicker heart beat rate and increased blood pressure.

Life threatening physical conditions can start showing up if you stay in this chronic stress state for long periods of time. You may even experience chronic issues your doctor finds no “scientific” reason for, such as “mysterious” stomach/chest pain or headaches.

The touch from your therapist has the ability to increase your body’s production of “feel good” endorphins

The systematic movement your therapist makes on your muscles is helpful in breaking the tension. When your muscles are relaxed your heartbeat slows down and your blood pressure is reduced.

The overall result is a shift from a state of stress to a state of calmness and relaxation.

Types of Massage to Consider

There are numerous massage techniques available. The following three methods are specific for stress relief.

Swedish massage: A complete bodywork technique using targeted pressure to give you relief.

A 90-minute deep tissue massage works the muscle tissue resulting in relieving tension. You can choose to have a gentle or vigorous Swedish massage.

Aromatherapy message: Your nostrils are connected to the body’s limbic system, the brain area that controls your emotions and influences your hormones.

When you inhale essential oils a message is sent to your brain resulting in complete body relaxation.

Head massage: A head massage works on sensitive nerve endings by applying pressure to specific points on the head and neck. This can provide instant relief of tension and stress.

I encourage you to consider stress relief massage. Embrace it. Use it consistently and your ability to stress less will improve considerably.

Massage is one component of an overall solution to stress I call my ERASE formula. I invite you to read my book, Stress Less: Transforming Stress to Success.

This resource can be the light you’re looking for. It provides me the opportunity to teach you how to identify the underlying stressors in your life and how to eliminate them once and for all.

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