Relaxation Techniques For Stress Management

If you master relaxation techniques for stress management you’ll experience a life transformation.

Consider how negatively stress affects your performance either at home or in business. What is living a stressed existence costing you?

Is it costing you your ability to positively foster your relationships?

Is it costing you the ability to perform better professionally? How much is that costing you in terms of advancement or more sales?

Effective Relaxation Techniques For Stress Management

Massage therapy is known to calm the nervous system and boost your mood. It induces your brain to release natural mood enhancers and painkillers called endorphins.

The process helps stimulate your lymphatic system, relax muscle fibers and minimize levels of stress hormones in your body. Click here for more details.

Listening to relaxing music. The type of music you play can determine your mood, your business environment and even your home.

Choose music that’s relaxing to you. Relaxing music plays a crucial role in reducing levels of stress or anxiousness. Click here to learn more.

businesswoman meditating at work

Meditation. When you meditate your heart rate decreases, you start to take nice deep breaths, you become calm and peaceful and you’re able to clear your mind.

Progressive muscle relaxation. This method can do wonders to help you get in touch with what relaxation truly feels like…as well as when tension is creeping back in.

This relaxation technique is quite simple.

Lie down and allow yourself a few minutes to become mentally and physically relaxed.

Focus your attention on your left foot. Tense the muscles, then relax them. Focus on how your foot feels as the tension leaves. Feel it relax. Focus on that relaxed state for a few seconds.

Next, move to your right foot and do the same. Keep moving your attention up your legs, the rest of your body and your head. Each time, focus on the relaxing of the muscles of each body part. Contract each muscle, then relax and focus on that state of calm.

Combining this practice with deep breathing is especially effective for reducing your stress levels.

Other Ideal Relaxation Techniques For Reducing Stress

Walking: When you decide to take a nature walk, you're able to shift your attention from where your mind is focusing on one particular thing (voluntary) to where you can witness what's going on around you without having to zero in on one particular thing (involuntary).

Take deep breaths as you walk. Enjoy the environment.  This process will help you relax and recharge your energy levels.

Yoga: Yoga ties together the mind/body to breathing and enables you to move into a calm, focused energy state.

Essential Tips On Stress Management

  • Make sure you're getting enough sleep
  • Avoid foods known to cause stress, such as junk food, genetically modified foods, etc
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Master the “relaxation response” through the above relaxation techniques
  • Use exercise to boost your overall health and sense of well-being
  • Do something you enjoy every day
  • Change things you can and remove your focus from those you can’t
  • Consciously avoid people and situations that stress you most
  • Take time out every 3 months to re-assess what stresses you out (new factors have a funny way of showing up in our lives)

I know I’ve given you many relaxation techniques for stress management. I realize that when you’re stressed it can be hard narrowing down your best course of action.

If you’d like to dig deeper and discover a focused solution that I call the ERASE formula, consider picking up my book, Stress Less: Transforming Stress to Success. It allows me to give you a systematic solution to finally living stress free.

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