Benefits of Music Therapy for Stress Relief

The benefits of music therapy are many. I’d like to focus on how music specifically helps reduce your stress levels.

Sound has been used for therapeutic reasons for longer than you might realize. Did you know the ancient Tibetans used sound created by crystal bowls for healing purposes?

music notes and flower

Ultrasound frequencies were used in ancient Egypt. These are the same frequencies used by modern doctors to break up kidney stones.

Interesting, wouldn’t you agree?

While sound therapy will often use specific frequencies or tones repeatedly, music therapists use actual songs, singing or instruments to help people therapeutically for stress related issues.

Credentialed music therapists will work with people suffering with major issues such as dementia, Parkinson’s disease, autism, head trauma, etc.

Again, my purpose for introducing you to the power of music isn’t for these major illnesses or diseases. My point is if it helps those severe conditions it will help you and your general work or family related stress issues.

Positive Effects of Music

One of the ways stress negatively affects you is in terms of your brainwaves. Music has been shown to stimulate the brain. For instance, slow music can encourage the same slow brainwaves attained through meditation.  

When you use music to help improve your state of mind the end result is a reduction in the stress you feel.

Improved brainwave activity also works to help lower your heart rate and introduce slower breathing, both of which are instrumental in getting you to experience a more relaxed state of mind.

Think about how your mind works when you feel stressed. Your thinking is often jumbled, chaotic and out of control. I love using music during these times because its natural effect is to even out, quiet and slow down a mind sped up by stress.

Additionally, the benefits of music therapy can be heightened by combining it with massage therapy, deep breathing and other relaxation methods.

Your Music Challenge

I challenge you to brainstorm how you can use music more often to help lessen your stress levels.

For example, let’s say you’re often tired and stressed the moment you arrive home from work each day. Instead of immediately moving into your home duties let your family know you need a little “alone time” first.

Allow for one hour, lie down and play soft, soothing music. As you listen simply close your eyes and focus on the melodies and rhythms. You’ll likely fall asleep for a soothing nap. Monitor how you feel upon waking. How does the rest of your evening go with your family?

Another way to use music is if you must drive during rush hour to and from work. Experiment with focusing on your favorite types of music. Make it a point to sing along, remember past experiences the music stirs inside and see how you feel when you reach your destination.

Experiment with interjecting music into any area of life possible that's currently causing you stress.  

Would you like to learn more details about finally eliminating stress from your life? I invite you to read my book, Stress Less: Transforming Stress to Success. In my book, I have the opportunity to teach you my full stress solution I call the ERASE formula. 

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