Causes of Workplace Stress - Learning to Find Relief

Let’s look at the various causes of workplace stress. Once we identify the source I can then effectively move you toward permanent solutions.

Are You Overcommitted?

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In my book, Stress Less: Transforming Stress to Success, I discuss three main factors causing stress today.

The first reason is overcommitment. 

In today’s business world it’s not uncommon to have anywhere from 5 to 100 ongoing projects or tasks on your plate.

Add in the constant interruptions we all face from phone calls, texts and emails and you have the perfect storm for stress induced emotional, physical and mental conditions.

I encourage you to think through where you can cut back on your responsibility.

Brainstorm where you can get help or delegate certain tasks or projects to others.

You’ll find your stress levels decreasing each time you release unnecessary responsibility.

Causes of Workplace Stress Include Relationship Issues

Sometimes we simply don’t resonate with others. It’s important to find ways to mitigate the challenges arising from interpersonal work relationships “gone wrong”.

Is it possible to transfer to a different department within your company?

If someone in a senior position to yours is causing you undue stress see if it’s possible to engage this person in conversation about it. It might be possible to come to a place where they understand the situations where you perform best.

If you’re self-employed you may need to create a profile of your “best client”. Work to root out those clients causing you stress because they don’t meet your profile.

You’ll probably find that around 20% of your best clients are providing you about 80% of your income.

Inability To “Leave” Work

Especially if you own your own business or are in sales it’s easy to find yourself unable to “leave” your work mentally.

If you’re constantly going over in your mind challenges that have come up inside your business then I encourage you to find ways to help you “let go”.

An inability to separate work time from family or “play” time is a common cause of mental, emotional and physical stress.

In Reducing Work Related Stress I provide solutions to help alleviate your stress.

Additionally, I invite you to read my book. In it I provide you a complete system to once and for all eliminate stress from your life.

It’s a system, or formula, I call ERASE. It includes identifying specific actions you can take mentally and physically to find calm, peace and a sense of overall work/life balance.

ERASE Formula
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